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Catch Him and Keep Him


Christian Carter


January 7th, 2015 by Sara Williams

How understanding Men
helped me finally
find True Love!


As a modern, independent thirty-two year old woman, I don't have to tell you how important it is for women to educate themselves, in all areas of life.

But who really teaches us how to interact with other people? Friends and family? Who taught them, and what qualifications did they have? Are the blind leading the blind?

Real life is built of relationships, and our interpersonal skills (or lack thereof) have a profound effect on our success and happiness. So for my night school writing class I choose to review a relationship advice book I bought - a book that has absolutely changed my life;

Catch Him and Keep Him
A Woman's Guide to Finding Mr. Right...
and Keeping Him Hooked for Good!

by Christian Carter

Knowledge is power - use your new skills to
develop and maintain a great relationship!

Men, Men, Men...

So many men...but where are all of the quality men? Are there any good ones left or are they all married?

Most of the guys in my past were boring or worse - many were "players" and cheated, were emotionally abusive or distant, or dumped me for no reason.

Sound familiar?

I don't have to tell you these guys weren't long-term relationship material.

I finally said "enough" and decided to learn why my off-and-on relationships with men never worked out and how to identify the right kind of man.


The Epiphany:

That's when I heard about renowned relationship expert Christian Carter and his book Catch Him and Keep Him on a talk show. Women were raving about his relationship advice and I listened eagerly, ordering his book online as soon as the segment ended.

I started reading the book and I was impressed! Christian really helped explain what makes men tick, and what leads them to a love a woman. Enlightened with this new knowledge, I relaxed and stopped stressing about relationships so much - and actually started attracting men - quality men!

Suddenly just going to places like the grocery store or coffee shop started being like carefree, fun first dates! I'd never been much of a flirt before, but my confidence blossomed and I wasn't embarrassed at all talking to guys I used to think were "out of my league".

And get this - the men I met were actually interested in more than just a casual fling, they wanted to get to know ME! They wanted to learn all kinds of things about me, intellectually and emotionally.

They wanted to know my thoughts,
my goals, my fears, even my silly quirks...
it's almost like they were - get this -
open to falling in love with me!

So instead of wasting time waiting for Mr. Right to come along or foolishly pursuing guys like I used to, now I could easily identify and choose men who reveal themselves worthy of a potentially serious, long term relationship.

I could actually tell which men were right for me and whether or not I was right for them. I found out what it's like to be half of a real couple. A real couple with real potential. Seems like common sense, but feeling it actually happen to you is amazing!

I'm now engaged to a wonderful man (woo-hoo!) and have no doubt that Christian Carter's revelations will help anyone who wants to better understand and attract men.

Even if you're already in a relationship with the right kind of man, you might not be allowing him to fully fall in love with you - even if deep down he really wants to. It's all about learning male fears, needs and dreams, and once you know how to address those - love, romance and commitment can be EASY.


What I didn't like about Catch Him and Keep Him:

The second edition of the book is only 261 pages, which is a really good start but considering it's such important information perhaps Christian could have gone into greater detail, or included information about how to handle men who are too interested in you.

Could have been better organized, the book jumps around a lot. But that doesn't detract from the valuable relationship advice Christian Carter gives you, just be sure you read it all so you don't miss any of the important concepts. But then again it's good enough you'll probably read it twice anyway.


What I liked about Catch Him and Keep Him:

Christian Carter fully defines male natural attraction factors, and makes a clear distinction between mere physical attraction and long-term "intellectual attraction." Surprised? You've probably been completely oblivious to what really hooks a man, and it's not beauty or a model figure.

You'll find the writing in Catch Him and Keep Him is brutally honest, which means it isn't always politically correct. But if you're like me you're probably interested in "how it really is", and not "how it should be." After all, your honesty is one of the very things that will make him fall in love with you.

Christian Carter explains why even good men are attracted to so-called "bitches", and how you can use this strange male behavior to your advantage - without being the slightest bit mean.

The guide explains how you should handle early relationship sex issues, such as not using sex to attract men - which will only backfire and drive away the good men. Sound familiar? Make a man want you for who you really are, and not just for a short-term fling.

Catch Him and Keep Him contains great dating advice about how you will carefully select and interact with real men with real potential, WITHOUT "chasing" them and devaluing yourself. You'll make HIM want YOU.

Reading the book is definitely time well-spent considering how much happiness, energy and security a healthy relationship brings to your life. Seriously, how much do dead-end or dysfunctional relationships cost you in precious time and emotional energy? Life is short, it's time to do it right.

It's no accident when a man cheats - he's probably been trying to justify doing it in his head for a long time. Find out what men want in a relationship and what seemingly minor (to women) relationship issues can push your man toward the edge, and how easy it is to reel him back in - permanently.

Learn how to quickly identify men who are emotionally unavailable, and how to break down intimacy barriers if you're already dating one. According to Christian Carter all men are capable of deeper love, some just need a little help.

And let's not forget the importance of a good, healthy sex life. (Didn't Dr. Oz say at least three times per week is optimum?) Enjoy the kind of loving sex you'll only find in a mutually respectful, stable relationship. You either have that kind of relationship or you don't, it's up to you.

Believe it or not, most men secretly want to fall madly in love - but only will if a woman gives them the right "go-ahead" signals. Find out how and why you might be unknowingly sabotaging your relationships by not giving him the okay (in his language) to take your relationship to the next level.


Whew, I think I'm about done...

No kidding - there's a lot here! I hope you found my Christian Carter book review helpful, I'll be adding more information as I have time, including a form to submit your own thoughts and experiences after you use your new relationship skills to find your True Love.

Check out Catch Him and Keep Him for yourself at the Christian Carter's web site: Catch Him and Keep Him. I know I'm excited and look forward to hearing about your relationship success stories!

Keeping him for good!


Sara Williams
Office Manager / Life Student
Minneapolis, MN


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